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Murder in Megatron

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Alive at Last [04 Jul 2004|02:35am]
[ mood | weird ]

Yura-sama adjusted the buckle on his three-inch heeled boots and tested the sturdiness of the airport chair, finally deciding that if it didn't hold his slim figure, God would punish the chair for him...because God wouldn't want a beautiful thing like him to fall and embarrass himself! Satisfied, he took out the sign he had worked on on the bus ride to the airport, bringing his index finger up to his lips thoughtfully. It looked pretty good for a fifteen minute job, he finally decided...though it lacked one thing. Quickly in eyeliner he scribbled '(Daishi)' below the other text in messy hiragana and shoved the pencil back into his purse.

Standing on the chair he could see every person who exited the airplane. Soon Daishi would be back from his parents house, and Yura-sama would yet again have someone to bother. He had come straight after school to pick him up...days were so much more boring without Daishi, after all.

Yura-sama flipped his golden hair and waved the sign above his head, laughing. Daishi would just love him so much for picking him up!

Daishi didn't much like flying, especially the short distance from his house to the school but his parents had insisted and he couldn't resist them. It was so much more relaxing there than he'd remembered. His parents were nicer, there were no reports to do, no stupid teachers to listen to, and he had his own room. He'd often felt that Lida was uncomfortable rooming with him, and he tried to avoid the room as much as possible.

The plane landed almost as soon as it had left the ground and Daishi was washed away with the movement of people getting there things from the compartments over head, and was soon pushed out into the busy airport. And nearly diead. For there was Yura-sama, fussing with his hair and holding a sign in one arm.

"Mo...momusu... freak.... Daishi...." he read shakily, realizing too late what was about to occur.

Yura-sama was spying the heads of the people exiting the plane like a hawk. At one point someone may have told him to get down from the seat, but crunching peoples fingers beneath his short black boots seemed to shut them up for a few minutes at least.

He soon spotted the golden hair of his friend and cleared his throat. Surely no one would mind his screaming because everyone would just love his beautiful voice! Yura-sama sang a single note before bursting into something between a scream and a song, yelling for Daishi to come see him and how much more beautiful-er than Daishi he was and how he missed him...and eventually there was para para to match, and people were staring, and Yura-sama was grinning and....it was beautiful. Everyone, staring at him! He couldn't have imagined this kind of great reaction!

God and the screeching. He could tolerate the sign. And maybe just calling out 'Daishi, over here!' instead of the song. But there was dance involved too. People were staring, and had figured out that he was indeed the one being called to by the sudden nervousness he'd broken out into. He knew walking away would just make Yura-sama chase after him and create an even bigger scene, so he slowly approached his flailing friend, toting his carry on bag behind him, and forced Yura-sama's arms to stop their para para-ing.

Painfully aware that most people had stopped what they were doing to stare at his spectacle of a friend, Daishi forced a big smile and hoisted his bag onto the bench near Yura-sama's feet. "I was wondering if you were actually going to show up, Yura-kun."

Yura-sama stopped his dancing and clasped his arms around Daishi's shoulder. Just seeing the boy set him in a happy and content mood. He was even going to bother using his perfectly soft hands to carry Daishi's bag until he heard that vulgar thing come out of Daishi's mouth. No one EVER got away with calling him anything besides 'sama'. It just wasn't done otherwise! Except for teachers, who Yura-sama forgave most of the time on account of their idiocy (or so he believed).

With such an insult from his best friend he flew a hand to his mouth, gaping at him. The sign went through Daishi's head and snapped in two on the ground on either side of him as Yura-sama cracked it on his head. Crossing his arms, he jutted out his lower lip. The sign had been made of foam paper, so it didn't hurt--but what hurt was Yura-sama's pride. "Daishi, you'll apologize right now! I went to all this trouble to get you and make you feel welcomed home and THIS is what I get?!"

Daishi flinched as the board struck his head and fell in two pieces down the sides of his head. He knew Yura-sama would get upset, but he didn't expect him to do that. "I didn't expect you to put on a show for me. Everyone's watching. It's embarrasing. I don't like being put in the spotlight 24/7 like you."

Scratching his head idly, Daishi stared down at Yura-sama's boots. "I suppose that isn't a very good reason... Yura-sama. Let's go get my stuff." Daishi extended his arm out in front of Yura-sama, attempting to help his insanely tall friend down from his perch.

Yura-sama blinked. And stared. He hadn't -really- expected Daishi to act that well towards his speech that sent the surrounding crowds silent. Smiling nonetheless, Yura-sama took Daishi's hand and stepped down daintily, petting his friend's hair. "Sorry for breaking your cute little Momusu sign on your head....now your hair will never even get close to being pretty like mine...." He wrapped an arm around Daishi's shoulder and started strolling down towards the baggage claim with his short little Daishi.

"It's good to have you home, you know."

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Updating This Here... [11 Jun 2004|01:05pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Aya dashed to the phone in the upstairs hall of his grandmother's house, they had all left for the day to the lake. He had been asked to go with them but made up an excuse that his stomach hurt. He gripped the phone, holding it to his chest. "Let's see...he's probably back at school" Aya thought, he ears glued to every sound the house would make, just incase his mother came home and caught him, no doubt she would think he was calling his father.
Aya dialed the phone, he heard the ringing of Lida's cellphone. He became nervous suddenly with the idea that Lida might have interuptted his leaving as avoiding him. He heard the ringing almost echoing in his ears. He sighed, about to hang up when he heard Lida's voice. A smile crept across his face. "Yo, Leave a message and maybe I'll call you back." A laugh. His chest felt heavy, what he wouldn't give to be back at school, he loved extended vacations just as much as anyone but he missed his friends and besides his grandmother was the ONLY grandmother that didn't have snacks in her house, and that was unacceptable for Aya. "Lida san? It's Aya. I'm sorry that I haven't been around or called.." He took a breath in before continuing. "...Things at home aren't good. My mom made me leave..I hope you don't think I hate you...I should be back soon. I have to make this quick, not suppose to be on. I'll be out shopping tomorrow at 4, call me then..and I got all your messages. Thanks for caring." He smiled. "I'll talk to you soon! Good bye Lida!" He hung up, feeling much better. "I'll call Seek too, my mother must of scared him by kicking him out the other day.." He picked up the phone.

He had to retrieve his actual cell for Seek's number, he dialed and hoped Seek would pick up to actual HEAR a voice other than his mother's crying voice, his grandmother's or uncle's. He sighed a little disappointed that he got the voicemail. He figured Seek was in class or some school related affair. "Seek! It's Aya. I'm sorry I haven't been around....." He heard the door, people's voices. "..shit.." He thought his chest heaving, he couldn't just hang up, he heard his mother calling for him. "..Seek I don't have time to talk, I'm sorry. Be with Lida at 4 tomorrow, he'll explain I'm sure. I hope to talk to you soon. Tell the others I miss them as well?...." He sounded sad, he realized this would probably make Seek more worried.

His uncle made his way up the stairs. "I FOUND HIM!" He screamed, as if Aya was a 3 year old playing hide and seek. "Yeah...I was just looking for where I put my colored pencils..they aren't in my bag..." He breathed in again. "Oh, well come downstairs we have cake!" "CAKE!!!!" Aya screamed, dashing downstairs after his uncle.

He shoved the sugary substance of "food" into his mouth. It was the first thing he'd eatten in awhile. He laughed and smiled, thinking of 4 o'clock tomorrow. His mother smiled watching him eat, while his grandmother told him he was eating like a pig and was going to choke...He didn't care, he was happy for the moment.

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Missing In Action? [08 Jun 2004|08:35pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Aya's mother burst into his room, shaking the poor pink haired sleepy head. "Wake up this INSTANT AYA!" She screamed. Aya's eyes blinked open, yawning, He stared at his mother. "What's the matter?" He said, sitting up confused, his pink hair a mess. "Aya, what am I going to do with you??? I already sent your friend home, Come on, GET UP! We're going to your grandmother's house" Aya's mother walked to the door, opening it and shutting it just as quickly. He took out a duffle bag, shoving some stuff inside and grabbing his bookbag, He wasn't really sure how long his mother ment they were going away for, but from the sounds of the screams downstairs, he knew it was for a few days.

Aya made his way out of his room and down the stairs, sitting on the last step. He listened to his mother scream at his father and his father scream back. Aya covered his ears, humming a cartoon show tune, he'd never heard them fight like this really and it kind of scared him. His thoughts where broken as his mother walked over, ordering him to gather up his stuff, grabbed his hand and dragged him out of house. He looked over his shoulder at his father, who waved to him.

Sitting in the car, Aya became very confused, even more so than in the house. What about school? what would people say? what about his friends? He looked at his mother, tugging on her shirt. "Mommy? Why are we leaving? and for how long? What about school?..." He continued asking questions as his mother drove further and further away from the house, she slammed on the breaks, looking at Aya for a long time before opening her mouth. "Your father has gone insane! He wants to quit being a doctor!! He'll see us starve to death!" Aya bit his lip. That didn't seem SO bad. "He's having an affair! He wants to take you away from me...Can you imagine! YOU! He couldn't raise you!!" She looked at Aya, gripping his shoulders and shaking him. "Aya! You are my baby boy, my only child..He can't have you." She turned back, starting the car and driving down the road again.

They got to Aya's grandmother's house an hour later, she didn't live very far away from Aya's own house, but his mother kept stopping the car to cry, scream or shake Aya once again. Aya's grandmother was more than happy to have her young grandson for a "visit" but quickly lost interest over comforting her daughter.

Aya moved into the livingroom, sitting on the couch with another sigh. He thought about wanting to call his friends but knew his mother wouldn't like that right now. He layied down on the couch, closing his eyes and falling asleep, several thoughts running through his head.

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This goes before the recent seek entry. sorry for confusion. [29 May 2004|11:01pm]

[ mood | sore ]

[ooc: Alright! My eyes are all @_@ now, but here's the chat from awhile ago. Just to remind people of what happened with whom and how who feels about who and yadda yadda. word. Sorry I didn't color-code it or bold names or anything...it would have taken forever ;-;.]

Chat from 4-8-03 o_oCollapse )

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OOC [28 May 2004|04:48pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

Ohohohohohohohoho! Daishi and Yura-sama will be posting soon, assuming that the same storyline as before still applies! And does anyone still have that long chat we did forever ago? I do (i think), if you guys want me to post it before seek and aya's post ....if I can even do that. o____o;
anyway. yeah. just letting you know that we're still here and will be posting soon. Rock. And sorry to interrupt anything ^^; I always feel bad doing ooc posts.

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[28 May 2004|07:23pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Seek stood in the middle of the kitchen. His eyes looked around at all the plates of various foods that filled up every inch of the countertop. Sitting down, he rested his chin in the palm of one hand and sighed. His mind seemed to be far too active these days. Or, it seemed to have far too many thoughts about Lida. He tried to keep himself from thinking about the other boy, but since he met him, he'd felt an odd attraction to him. Just the depth of his voice, the way the breezes ran through his hair and, well, let's face it, he's damn sexy.

And here Seek was, thinking again. In fact, the cooking of all the food was a result of it. He knew he wanted to ask Lida on a date at some point, but he knew he'd have to wait. Get to know him better. Let Lida know what he himself was all about. But... he didn't want the other boy to just think he only wanted to be friends because he felt attracted to him. No, he wanted to be friends because he thought Lida was one of the coolest people he had met in a long time.

Just as he stood up and picked up a dirty pan from the small stovetop, Aya decided to visit. He smiled upon seeing his friend and classmate again, since it had been a few weeks since they had seen one another outside of classes. They caught up on what the both of them had been up to and decided that they needed to hang out soon. And what time was better than the present?

Seek rushed up to his room and came back to Aya with a small duffle bag with clothes: they would have a sleepover at Aya's house. The two boys rushed there and promptly started playing a racing game. Though neither of them won, they had a fun time trying to. After the game, they watched a movie, or started to. Because, soon enough, Seek's mind began to wander again.

The two ended up missing most of the movie by talking through it. Seek knew that Aya had known Lida for a long time and thought it best to ask the long-time friend's advice on the Lida situation. He wondered if he even had a chance with him. If he should even bother to try. Though many questions were asked, Seek didn't feel as if they were answered and he was left with the same uncomfortable tightness in his stomach that he had whenever he thought about disappointing things.

Eventually it got to be very late and two headed off to do what sleepovers imply: sleep.

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OOC: [15 May 2004|10:35pm]

I don't know if anyone was online at 8pm tonight, but I think I should have changed the date to be some other day next week. I'm really sorry for anyone who's affected by my bad planning. Finals week in college in combination with getting ready to graduate is causing some planning difficulties. But, when most of that is all worked out, I'll arrange a better time to have an online chat RG. Thanks~ and, again, sorry for the bad plannign on my part. *bows*

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OOC: Saturday! [09 May 2004|04:03pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Okay, like I said I would, I'm arranging an on-line chat. The time for it will be this upcoming Saturday (the 15th) at around 8PM EST (5 Pacific). If anyone has issues with this time and day, let me know. To be invited into the chat on Saturday, message me @ worshiphidedoll. Thanks~


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OOC: ACK.... ^^; [02 May 2004|07:06pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Long time no see everyone...
Sorry about the RP seeming to die... or dying.
But, I'd love to bring it back with some new life. Yet, I can't do that without everyone's help~ I'm going to try and arrange some RP chats and such soon, so could everyone who can, try to make some of them. That would be lovely~ I miss RPing with you folks and would love to spread some more PLC love through the RP. Thanks!


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OOC: It's dying, it's not dying...~ [11 Jul 2003|10:06pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I know that most of you are probably wondering that since, well, we've not RPed in a while nor, it seems, has anyone made any posts to the community or their individual LJs. But I really don't want the community to die so I would like to ask everyone here if they can try to be online a little more often so we can try to RP some more. If it comes down to it, we can use the community as a sort of forum to do the RPing and the individual LJs for personal accounts and such. Let me know what you guys think~ Thanks~ ^_^

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OOC: Gomen ne [15 May 2003|05:41pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

I just want to say that I'm sorry to all of you for not updating seek's LJ or posting even after the PLC chat we all had. I was held up a lot with school and most of the time I spent online I was working on school work while being on. But I'm out of school for the summer now so if all of you are still interested, I'll message you or, if you want, you can message me and we can RP some more. ^_^

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[30 Mar 2003|07:39pm]

Seek didn't appear to even notice Lida at first. He sat down in the seat, arranged his books neatly on the corner of the lab desk and took out his lab notebook. Upon opening it to the proper page to write down everything that might been to be recorded during the class, he noticed Lida's hand extended as he looked over with his eyes. He didn't lift his head much from where it had been- looking down at his notebook- and reached a shy hand over and took Lida's hand. He shook with his typical light grip and the expression on his face didn't change much when he spoke, "I'm Seek, nice to meet you. I hope you're a better lab partner than Mr. Sexy Beam up there" He smirked slightly as if he might laugh while he remembered being paired up with Yura for the last lab. But he didn't laugh, only slipped his hand away from Lida's and went back to looking at his notebook for a moment. He listened for a moment as the teacher rambled through how the lab was to be completed and where all the equipment was in the room. Soon, a packet was passed out to everyone with the lab directions printed on both sides of the seven pages, "This is going to be long," he remarked more to himself but slightly to his lab partner. He looked up and over at Lida, "Did you do well on the last test on animal cells? This lab is on animal cells and some on plant cells. So it'll help if the test was okay for you." Seek's voice was all business. It didn't seem to soften in any way when he spoke to Lida. He looked back at the lab sheet and around the room to spot where the supplies were, "I'll go get the microscope," he said as he stood up from his seat. For some reason, before he left and after he spoke, he gave the other man a slight smile. And then he was off to fetch the microscope.
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[18 Mar 2003|01:58am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Aya looked up as a paper ball bounced off his head. He heard Lida talking and stared at him with a rather "durred" look. He sighed as the teacher began the lesson for the day. He watched the others carefully, Yura and Daishi were being their normal goof off selves and Seek was quiet as always.

He turned, finally and opened his mouth. "Lida today is my birthday!" Aya became a bouncy ball of pink confined to a chair. He tried to keep his voice down, not wanting to upset the teacher more. "We have to do something! I want a cake and soda and hmm.." he trailed off almost drooling over the thought of all the types of unhealthy foods he could devour for his special day. His thoughts were broken by the ringing of the class bell indicating the end of Math. "Ahh great..one class down" He realized next was chemistry, he wasn't too bad in that class, and atleast he never got there late.

He shuffled around, clutching his books, lost in dreamworld to the next classroom, almost walking into the door. "Ha ha that would of been funny." He opened the door, looking in before taking a seat next to Lida, opening his notebook drawing himself in a jester costume holding a big cake. The teacher entered the room as the kids took their places at the lab desks waiting to be paired up with a partner. Aya hated this part. The teacher announced "Aya, you will be paired with Yura" Aya saw Yura shoot a glare at the teacher, he supposed it was because Yura had some fetish with people calling him "sama" surely he didn't expect even the teacher to call him that? "..How ridiculous" Aya thought, staring at his drawing.

"Aya..what are you waiting for? an invitation? get over there!" The teacher shook his head as Aya stood up, gathering his books and walking slowly over to Yura sama. He bowed his pink head, taking his seat. The teacher paired up the rest of the class and handed out their assignments. "So..You want to read them off or should I Yura sama?" Aya smiled at the blonde that was staring at himself in the steel counter top. He hoped this would all go smoothly, knowing Yura there would be teasing and much looking at his reflection.

He opened his book, peeking at his drawing one last time before turning his full attention to the work ahead of him.

(OOC: yeah in reality YESTERDAY was his birthday but I started writing this at like 11pm lol ^^ thought it would be cute to really mention his bday Happy Birthday Aya san)

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[16 Mar 2003|12:51pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Seek looked repeatedly at his watch as he power walked his way to the first class of the day. He didn't like the idea that he might be late but wouldn't complain if he happened to be- after all, if he just walked a litter faster... okay, ran to class he'd be able to make it there on time, no problem. As he trotted down the hallway he couldn't help but notice that two guys were outside the classroom in something of a teasing contest. He shook his head and slipped through the door. But, as he passed them, he noticed that they were two people in the class that he actually had gotten the names of: Daishi and Yurasama (though he was always curious why the latter insisted that "-sama" be added to his name).

He sat down in his seat at the front of the class and looked at the board where the teacher had listed a few of the things the class would be covering in that day's class. Groaning slightly and trying very hard not to bang his head on his desk repeatedly (something which would not be good, considering his piercings would make contact with the desk too and... well, major pain would ensue) he muttered something under his breath about "hating math".

Seek looked over two seats next to him to see a paper airplane wiz across the room and hit the back of Daishi's head, "God, don't those two ever stop?" he said to himself as he shook his head again. Soon after, he noticed a ball of paper fly across the room and hit another classmate- a pink-haired boy named Aya. Seek shook his head some more and wondered how he'd gotten into a class with people who acted like primary schoolers.

He flipped through his assignment book to pass the time while the teacher scolded people who came in late. Horror filled his face when he realized that there was a quiz that day. But he could recall that the teacher had said something about it being postponed... he hoped his memory was right, he really didn't feel like taking any sort of math exam that day. He hadn't exactly woken up feeling his best and he was now a little annoyed that pieces of paper were zinging around the room as it seemed the rest of the class decided to revert to the over-all age of, say, two and fling paper airplanes at one another after being tipped off by Yurasama's little incident.

Seek ran his fingers through his short hair and sighed, "Well, at least today should go by smoothly... if the chemistry teacher doesn't choose Yurasama to be my lab partner again... or Daishi who seemed to like reading the directions too much that the lab didn't get finished... It would be nice if I got to be partners with Lida or Aya. They always seem to know what they're doing." He sighed again as the teacher approached the front of the class and started to teach the day's lesson.

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don't touch my hair! [15 Mar 2003|11:18pm]

ooc note: I asked Kerch [daishi player] and she said she didn't care if the story line was all college based...and it doesn't matter to me...but if we decide to change it later I can just delete this post. yeah. ^^;;

"Un! Ha! Un! Ha! Waiyaiyai~~~"

Yura-sama laughed to himself and spun in an even circle, his short skirt flapping a little above his grey pants as he did so.
He slammed the door to Daishi's dorm open and started dancing his way over to where he could see the short man sleeping quietly. Smiling, he did a little para para and leaned over the bed, tucking some brownish hair behind Daishi's ear.
Yura-sama cleared his throat and screeched.

No, Yura-sama is NOT a member of Morning Musume.Collapse )
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what a way to start the day..... [15 Mar 2003|08:59pm]

[ mood | productive ]

Lida yawned and stretched his arms over his head, hearing the alarm signaling the start of his first grueling day of college. Wishing he could grab just a few more minutes of precious sleep, he sighed squinting at the alarm clock seeing in bright neon lighting 7:00am displayed and kicked back the sheets. He glanced over to see if his bunkmate had even stirred and held back a chuckle. Daishi was tangled all up in his sheets yet again, one foot dangling over the edge of the matress. He wasn't sure of his friend's schedule so opted not to disturb the guy. Slowly making his way over to his closet he yanked out a clean shirt, and the blazer and pants required for apparel at this university. After checking himself to make sure everything was in place he laced the tie around his neck, grabbed his bag and dashed out the door. His first class wasn't too for from his dorm room so he briskly walked to the building, nodding to fellow students along the way.

Hmm...I wonder where Aya is, he was supposed to meet me outside our classroom about now. *he glanced down at his watch now reading 7:45am. he looked back up, eyes scouring the campus* grah knowing him he probably overslepted, that bum.

He just shook his head and made his way to class not wanting to be tardy himself. Sensei was reasonable but was strict when it came to being late for class. Sometimes he would just lock the door and force you to make up the work on your own time. Looked around thinking maybe Aya was actually early for once and had forgotten their pact to meet outside. He laughed to himself at that thought and took his place towards the back of the classroom. Placing his bag to the right of his desk and leaned back and observed his classmates racing to get in under the wire. After the final ring...he noticed there was no sign of the pink haired boy. Then as if on cue he saw his friend come rushing in, white powder smeared on his lips and a little on his nose. Sensei was scolding him for being tardy and aya tried to be all sweet and innocent as usual. Then his friend came back and slumped in his chair placing his head on his arms. He wondered what was wrong so he threw a paper ball at his friend's head to get his attention.

psst..psst...Aya did sensei let in to you this time? *shakes head with a smile on his face* What excuse did you give him this time? You really should try and get to class on time.

His friend however seemed in a daze and wasn't responding to any of his questions. Lida frowned a bit wondering what was on the pink haired boy's mind.

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lazy... [28 Jan 2003|06:47pm]
[ mood | amused ]

PLAYER'S LJ URL: kirachanmyuu
PLC MEMBER'S LJ URL: _excalibur_
AIM/YAHOO SN: PrettyDeadFlower

Umm.. ::waves to all:: I finally got around to posting this up... x.x;;

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Introduction of the Yura-sama! ::beam:: [20 Jan 2003|10:05pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

PLAYER'S LJ URL: coffeebruise
PLC MEMBER TO PLAY: Yura-sama desu~~
PLC MEMBER'S LJ URL: _otokomae_
AIM/YAHOO SN: Caged Kaoru for aim. I also have msn and icq, if that helps. ^^;

I'll have a first post for Yura-sama very, very soon. Yay! ^_^

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Intro! [20 Jan 2003|07:23am]

[ mood | excited ]

Yay finally getting around to it ^_^

PLAYER'S LJ URL: rockstar_no_koi

I should probably add the other members to my friend list correct? ^___^

I'm glad I got Aya hee heee...

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+Posting Member Info+ [19 Jan 2003|08:15pm]

Anyone who's claimed a PLC member for the RPG, please post your information as soon as you can. This way, other members of the community can contact you and everyone can have fun chatting and such~ Sankyuu~
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