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don't touch my hair!

ooc note: I asked Kerch [daishi player] and she said she didn't care if the story line was all college based...and it doesn't matter to me...but if we decide to change it later I can just delete this post. yeah. ^^;;

"Un! Ha! Un! Ha! Waiyaiyai~~~"

Yura-sama laughed to himself and spun in an even circle, his short skirt flapping a little above his grey pants as he did so.
He slammed the door to Daishi's dorm open and started dancing his way over to where he could see the short man sleeping quietly. Smiling, he did a little para para and leaned over the bed, tucking some brownish hair behind Daishi's ear.
Yura-sama cleared his throat and screeched.


Daishi's eyes opened wide in shock, as a loud screeching noise abruptly woke him. His head shot up and hit against the wall, a loud thunk sounding loudly through the room. He held his head in his hands as he tried to slowly catch a hold of what had happened.

His eyes cleared long enough to see a brightly grinning Yura-sama looming over his head. The sight was somewhat frightening.

"How could anyone be so cheerful so early in the morning!" Daishi grumbled as he pulled a pillow over his face. Why was Yura-sama in his dorm room. How had he gotten in... or who had let him get in. He would've asked Yura-sama his questions directly if he wasn't so tired still.

"Nnnn... Go away. Need. Sleep." Daishi mumbled under the pillow.

"Dai~shi~~~~" Yura-sama sang in a somewhat high-pitched voice, "Our first class starts in 15 minutes...they may excuse me from being late, on the account that I'm beautiful, but you....I'm not so sure about. You better get up."

Yura-sama sighed and flicked some hair from his eyes, expecting glitter and sparkles to surround him. Just because he was -that- special.
Ahem. Reality was calling. Yura-sama shifted and took a seat on the side of Daishi's bed, tapping his feet to the beat of the song he had previously been singing.

"You are such a jerk, you know that?" He flung the pillow at Yura-sama's 'perfect' hair before flopping down on the bed again.


"Fifteen minutes??" Daishi screamed, leaping out of bed and digging through random piles of clothes, looking for his school clothes. He undressed quickly and began dressing, having to fix his shirt after putting it on backwards.

He grabbed his back and made sure he had all of his books that he needed for their first class.

"We didn't have any homework... did we?" He grinned at Yura-sama as he slipped on his shoes.

"If we did, I didn't do it~~" Yura-sama grinned back and held open the door so that Daishi could slip through first. Shutting it behind him, he skipped down the hallway and towards the main building. Their classroom, luckily, wasn't all too far from Daishi's dorm at all.

"Waiyaiyai, waiyaiyai~~~hey, did Lida-kun leave for class already? I didn't see him in there..." He motioned to the building they had just left with a flick of his almost-perfect-would-have-been-perfect-if-not-ruined-by-pillows hair.

"Well... I guess he must of already left. I don't remember him ever leaving though," Daishi smirked as he ruffled Yura-sama's hair.

"You don't have to look 'perfect' everyday, you know. I didn't even brush mine today!" He emphasized the point by shaking his head so that the hair stood up in every direction. He luaghed and grabbed the ends of Yura-sama's hair and flung them in opposite directions.

"You look so pretty now!"

"..............That's not FUNNY, Daishi! I spent an entire HOUR on my hair today! You are so going to get it!" Yura-sama frantically pet his hair until he felt that it looked at least decent. How could he go an entire day without perfect shiny brushed hair? He would just die.
Or...Daishi would die. That seemed a better choice.

Taking a book out of the black bag that hung at his side, Yura-sama grinned and fwacked Daishi over the head with it somewhat gently.
"Sekushi biimu! TAKE THAT!"

Daishi stumbled back, dazed from the fwack to his head. He pouted.

"Yura-sama~ You're so mean! You didn't have to hit me that hard you Momusume freak!" He stuck his tounge out before running to safety a few good feet away from Yura-sama.

He reached the door to the class room and hurried inside. If he was in the classroom, the teacher may prevent Yura-sama from fully bringing about his wrath.

Yura-sama stormed after Daishi until he reached the door of the classroom. As soon as he entered the room, a large smile spread across his face and he ran a few tentative fingers through his hair, waltzing gracefully to his seat.
He set his bag down next to him and crossed his legs, ripping a piece of paper out of his notebook and finding a pen, scrawling something across the pretty purple paper.
Then in big bold letters he wrote 'Daishi-baka' on the top and giggled, folding it into a paper airplane, which promptly flew to hit Daishi in the head.

By now Daishi was used to getting these kinds of 'notes' from Yura-sama. They usually held little insults, or comments on how short, or little he was. Or how much more beautiful Yura-sama was than him.

This one was no different. He pulled it out of his hair and read it. 'Daishi-baka.'

He sighed and turned around to face Yura-sama with a big grin. It didn't bother him anymore.

Yura-sama pouted and chewed on the cap of his pen. No fair. Why didn't Daishi freak out?
Oh well, it didn't matter...he'd just have to burst into his room every morning singing Morning Musume and then see if Daishi could still grin. Yura-sama's lips curled into a somewhat evil smile as he waved at Daishi. Poor sucker didn't even know what he had coming.
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