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Seek stood in the middle of the kitchen. His eyes looked around at all the plates of various foods that filled up every inch of the countertop. Sitting down, he rested his chin in the palm of one hand and sighed. His mind seemed to be far too active these days. Or, it seemed to have far too many thoughts about Lida. He tried to keep himself from thinking about the other boy, but since he met him, he'd felt an odd attraction to him. Just the depth of his voice, the way the breezes ran through his hair and, well, let's face it, he's damn sexy.

And here Seek was, thinking again. In fact, the cooking of all the food was a result of it. He knew he wanted to ask Lida on a date at some point, but he knew he'd have to wait. Get to know him better. Let Lida know what he himself was all about. But... he didn't want the other boy to just think he only wanted to be friends because he felt attracted to him. No, he wanted to be friends because he thought Lida was one of the coolest people he had met in a long time.

Just as he stood up and picked up a dirty pan from the small stovetop, Aya decided to visit. He smiled upon seeing his friend and classmate again, since it had been a few weeks since they had seen one another outside of classes. They caught up on what the both of them had been up to and decided that they needed to hang out soon. And what time was better than the present?

Seek rushed up to his room and came back to Aya with a small duffle bag with clothes: they would have a sleepover at Aya's house. The two boys rushed there and promptly started playing a racing game. Though neither of them won, they had a fun time trying to. After the game, they watched a movie, or started to. Because, soon enough, Seek's mind began to wander again.

The two ended up missing most of the movie by talking through it. Seek knew that Aya had known Lida for a long time and thought it best to ask the long-time friend's advice on the Lida situation. He wondered if he even had a chance with him. If he should even bother to try. Though many questions were asked, Seek didn't feel as if they were answered and he was left with the same uncomfortable tightness in his stomach that he had whenever he thought about disappointing things.

Eventually it got to be very late and two headed off to do what sleepovers imply: sleep.

[ I know it's been forever since there's been any activity here, but, as you see, I'm trying to get things moving again. Aya and Seek orginally played this out in AIM in "Seek:.... *action*" format, but I felt I should stick to the original paragraph style when posting about it. ]
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