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This goes before the recent seek entry. sorry for confusion.

[ooc: Alright! My eyes are all @_@ now, but here's the chat from awhile ago. Just to remind people of what happened with whom and how who feels about who and yadda yadda. word. Sorry I didn't color-code it or bold names or anything...it would have taken forever ;-;.]

seek: *returns to the lab desk with the microscope and puts it down* so... Lida is it? how'd you do on the last test? *looks up as he adjusts the microscope*
Yura-sama: ::smiles broadly at Aya:: Ohaaaa~~~youuuu~~~ ::flicks some hair from his eyes and sees Aya peek into his notebook:: Ne, Aya-chan, what was that picture? ::peer::
Aya: *blushes a little* just a picture I drew Yura sama.
Yura-sama: Offf? Can I see it? Was it of me? I always knew you admired me like that, Aya-chan. ::laughs and reaches for the notebook::
Aya: ahh! *pulls the notebook away* no...um...we should get to work ne?
Lida: *He leans back in his chair reading over the notes for the lab* hmm...not bad I suppose. I think I got a A-, bah I shouldn't have gone out late that one night even if Aya was having one of his moments.
Daishi: ::looks over the back of his chair:: Oi! Yura-sama. Not everyone is obsessed with yourself as you are.
Yura-sama: Eh, we can always just copy off of Daishi or something--and I heard that, you little pipsqueak. ::rolls eyes::
Yura-sama: Anyway...can I see it? Pleaaaseeee? ::starry eyes::
Lida: what about you, you seem fairly good in the sciences
Aya: *smiles at Daishi and Yura's fighting* err....Yura sama...fine...*opens the book to the picture he drew of himself in a jester outfit*
Daishi: Oh? What is it. Is that you Aya? It's so cute.
Yura-sama: Yeah, that IS cute! Why're you holding a cake in the picture though? ::point::
seek: *doesn't say anything in responce* *finishes adjustments and waits for Lida to finish reading the lab sheet* ah, I got an A+ on it. though it was more luck. *looks over at the lab sheet in front of Lida, a little shyly*
Aya: *nods* Yes it's suppose to be me..oh *giggles* it's my birthday cake.
seek: so, we've got to look at some plant cell slides and tell about them first.
Yura-sama: Ohhh?! It's Aya-chan's birthday? Did you tell the whole class? We should have a party for you later! ::grin::
Aya: *lowers his head onto his arms, covering the drawing* mou..no i didn't tell anyone but Lida
Lida: *he flips through the pages and nods, half listening to seek* hmm, seems that way. ugh the racket in this class, *shakes head* so where are the slides?
Yura-sama: ::grins like mad:: Ne, should *I* announce it to the whole class then? ::clears throat::
Aya: *looks up and quickly, without thinking grabs hold of Yura's shirt* wait no!
Yura-sama: ::elbows Daishi:: Or we could do it together?
seek: *hands two slides over to lida* one's supposedly a piece of a leaf and the other's a piece of onion. though... *looks at the slides* I'm doubting it.
Yura-sama: ::beam:: Oh come on, it'll be great! ::climbs up on his chair::
Daishi: Yeah! ::stands up::
Aya: *blushes like crazy*
Yura-sama: OI! Attention! ::twirls in his chair:: Today is a very special day! Because...::looks to Daishi to finish::
Daishi: Everyone! Today is Aya's birthday! ::claps::
Aya: *lowers his head more*
Lida: *chuckles* well that's probably the idea. were supposed to prove its not what it says it is *he slides the slide underneath the scope only to have to fall out as yura's beaming voice is heard through the classroom along with Daishi*
Yura-sama: ::claps:: Let's all sing for him!
Daishi: And little Aya's dressed in jester suits carrying cakes will come and invade your brain!
Aya: ahh shut up! *looks around the room*
seek: *rolls his eyes* children... do we need another slide? *looking to Lida*
Lida: *he looks at the shattered slide on the floor and glares at the three classmates making a rukus*
Yura-sama: ::points a finger at Lida:: hey you! Don't glare at me! I'm beautiful!
Aya: *nods and waves to everyone*
Lida: *he just rolls his eyes and turns his attention back to seek* aye, that we do. not sure which one though
Daishi: ::ignores everyone and starts singing the happy birthday song::
seek: *gets up and grabs another slide from the supplies* I think it was a dried up leaf... *places the slide on the microscope for Lida*
Lida: let's check the other one out and maybe will figure out which one was lost
Yura-sama: ::claps along and sings::
Aya: *can't help but laugh and clap with Yura*
Sensei: YURA! DAISHI! Get off those chairs right now before I kick you out of class for the third time this week!
Lida: *tries to drown out the singing in the background and leans over peeking at the slide*
Daishi: Yura-sama! You're ruining my singing with yours! Stop it~ ::fake whine::
Aya: *shuts up instantly, already having been kicked out of math*
Yura-sama: ::rolls his eyes:: I am not, midget. ::climbs down with a flourish and glomps Aya for a second, grinning some more:: Happy birthday, Aya~chan...
seek: *looks at the questions for the lab* what are the cells shaped like? *almost laughs* I don't think we even need to look at these sides to answer the questions...
Aya: *smiles wide* thank you Yura sama..and Daishi *waves to the two, remembering to draw them thank you cards*
Lida: man do they ever learn? anyway, this one is definitely the leaf. oh man your kidding me
Daishi: I. AM. NOT. A. MIDGET. ::spaz:: Yura-sama! You are sooo mean! ::sits down::
seek: no, really... *shows Lida the question sheet*
Yura-sama: ::pats Daishi on the head:: You poor poor misinformed child. And you're welcome, Aya-chan. ::smile::
Aya: should..we get to this? *hands over the lab sheets*
Lida: oh geez this lab is just sad. well....*picks the leaf slide up* it looks lind of veiny
Yura-sama: Ugh, but I dislike science so....::heaves a sigh and takes the lab sheets, skimming over them:: How bor~ing.
Aya: *smiles like a child at Yura* I agree...
seek: and... rectangular-ish? god, this is so easy I feel like my IQs dropping to Yura's just doing it...
Lida: *chuckles* sensei probably had him in mind when he wrote this one up
seek: he might as well have said "okay, full lab credit for putting your name on the paper and spelling it correctly."
Yura-sama: ::looks shocked:: My fellow classmates talking about me...in such a rude manner? ::eyes water::
Daishi: ::laughs:: I already finished~ ::shows Yura-sama his sheet with messy drawings and writing all over it::
Yura-sama: Hmm....I can half read some of this....::takes the paper from Daishi:: Aya-chan, want to just copy this...um...chicken scratch?
Aya: sure *takes the papers*
Lida: and making it legible. well what other questions were there....*skims it and fills things out here and there. then hands the paper over to seek again* how does this look?
Daishi: it's not chicken scratch, it's art.
Yura-sama: Of course it is, dear. ::copies it down but adds a couple of big words and made up drawings of the slides to seem smarter:: Tadaa! Finished!
Aya: *laughs* I hope this is all right *looks up at Daishi*
seek: *looks it over* we're all done I guess. it says all we have to do when the lab's done is read the next chapter... *looks at the chapter* okay... there is no god if this is the next chapter...
Lida: well let me hand these in...and wait please tell that isn't what we have to cover next? *he peers over seeks shoulder groaning*
Daishi: It should be. We did do this stuff a couple of years ago
Yura-sama: Ne ne, shall I turn them all in for you guys? ::grin beam sparkle::
seek: okay... I never knew that right after cell studies you cover sexual reproduction... *blinks*
Aya: Yes if you would Yura sama
Daishi: Sure, sure, if someone as high and mighty as your self would help out mere commoners like us
Yura-sama: Well you know, I need to seem generous somehow. ::takes the papers and twirls over to the sensei's desk, placing them in the turn in box thing:: Tadaaa!
Aya: *laughs at Yura* oh yes mighty Yura sama
Daishi: ::Claps:: You are so amazing Yura-sama! ::fake squeal::
Yura-sama: ::sparkle:: I know I know, don't all rush to touch me at once~~ ::wanders back to their workstation::
Lida: I think I feel a sudden illness coming on. *feigns a fever and places a hand over his forehead and laughs* ah well let me get these papers in * he wanders over to the desk and places the papers in the box*
Lida: what and risk getting an STD I don't think so...
Aya: *taps his pink fuzzy pen on the desk* well we should at least get a...*blinks at Lida's comment*
Lida: *cough* *bell rings*
Yura-sama: ::squeels:: YES! FINALLY!
Lida: whooo saved by the bell
Daishi: I was just going to go to sleep too... ::pouts::
seek: *looks up at Lida when he comes back* hey, though aren't you the guy people say is a- *hears bell* *stands up and picks up his book and almost walks outright away* ne, Lidakun... *faces Lida*
Yura-sama: Oh, Lida-kun.....::puts all his books and stuff in his bag and strolls over to Lida, licking him on the cheek:: Oh whoops. Did I just give you a std?
Aya: *gathers up papers and books*
seek: *gives Yura an annoyed look*
Yura-sama: ::winks at seek and laughs somewhat evilly::
Daishi: ::snorts:: Yura-sama and Lida, sitting in a treeee ::dances toward the door::
Lida: *shoves his books and pens into his bag and looks up* *his face turns bright red and curls his hands into tight fists*
Aya: *wanders over to Lida and wipes his cheek off with a cute smile*
Daishi: Giving each other S-T-D-sssssss
seek: if you don't mind, Yurasama, I wanted to ask Lidakun something...
Yura-sama: Oh, like if he wanted to spend the night with you tonight? ::giggle giggle::
Lida:*he tries to keep his cool and just focuses on seek*
Aya: *blinks and blushes at the converstation, remaining silent*
Yura-sama: ::clings to Aya's arm:: Shouldn't we get to class, ne, Aya-chan?
Lida: *under gritted teeth* um...sure what is it seek?
seek: it's okay... I just wanted to know if you'd sit at my table during the lunch period today...
Yura-sama: Awwww!
Daishi: ::clings to Aya's other arm:: When is the next time we get to eat~?
Yura-sama: Oi, Daishi, is that all you can think about?
Aya: *blinks at the two and laughs* lets all meet for lunch
Lida: *blinks a couple times*
Lida: oh yeah sure, did you bag it or are you buying?
Daishi: No. It's just that I haven't eaten yet today. That's all. ::glomps onto Aya's arm more:: Yeah! Lunch all together!
seek: I brought bento today... and I usually bring enough to share but no one sits with me usually.
Aya: *looks kinda sad at Seek*
Lida: bento? *eyes light up* oh well I'd gladly share
Yura-sama: ::feels a little bad after hearing that:: seek-kun, Lida-kun, you should come sit with Aya-chan and midget and me!
Lida: eh...*turns around slowly* I suppose it couldn't hurt, what do you say seek?
Daishi: I am not a midget! Right Aya? ::pouts more::
Aya: *nods* right
Daishi: See? I'm not. ::pokes Yura-sama::
seek: etto... *looks at Lida* what do you think? *laughs* the same time... um, I'm okay with it.
Yura-sama: ::grins:: O-kay! ::clings to Aya's arm more:: So uh....when is lunch, anyway? ::sweatdrop::
Aya: *sweatdrops* the same time it always is?
Lida: *slaps hands together* ok then let's get moving cus I don't about you but I'm starving
Yura-sama: Oh? It's now? ::eyes turn to hearts:: I'm so happy!
Lida: *grabs his bag and slides it over his shoulder. smacks his head* you mean you all forgot when lunch was?
Aya: *daydreams about cupcakes with pink sprinkles*
seek: *puts his backpack on and quietly follows Lida and the others*
Aya: *pulled along by Daishi and Yura*
Lida: *drops back a bit and draps an arm over seek's shoulder* don't worry I think they've all had their shots *winks*
Yura-sama: ::starts singing on the way to the cafeteria:: Na no da, na no daaaa....::ignores Lida's comment::
Aya: *blinks at Lida, then at Yura's singing*
Daishi: Yay! Food! ::stops suddenly::
seek: *smiles a little* Are you sure?
Lida: *chuckles* well ok not 100%
Aya: *huffs and breaks from the two, to sit at a table*
Daishi: ::pokes Yura-sama:: Umm... Yura-sama... do you have any extra money? ::blushes::
Yura-sama: ::rolls eyes:: What do you say?
seek: ah, then I could catch Yura-rabies?
Lida: *stifles a laugh* oh man that's a good one seek-kun
Aya: *pipes in* I have some money....
Lida: well I seem to be faring well after my little *cough* encounter so I think its safe to say will be ok
seek: *smiles and laughs a little* hey, let's find a table while the little monkeys figure out how to move the boxes the get to the bananas.
Daishi: ::in a monotone voice::Yura-sama is the best and most sexiest man alive. If only we were all as beautiful as him, then the world would be a much better place. ::twitches::
Aya: I'm very sensitive remember!!!! *huffs cutely*
Yura-sama: ::smile:: O-kay Daishi, you can have some money. And Aya-chan, since it's your birthday, let me get you something. ::pats his head::
Lida: sensitive to what, not having your powder puff and mirror...oh wait that's Yura-sama.
Yura-sama: ::glare::
Yura-sama: I use liquid concealer thank you. ::glare::
Aya: *turns back to Yura* oh..you don't have to Yura sama
Lida: *glares back*
seek: mou... Lidakun... I have coconut shrimp... *holds up a bento*
Lida: oooh....that looks yummy. can I?
Lida: *slides down next Aya and puts his bag on the ground*
seek: *nods* *opens the bento's top and sits down next to Lida*
Yura-sama: Ne, Daishi...::hands him money and whispers in his ear:: Go get yourself some food, and then buy Aya some cupcakes, o-kay?
Aya: *frowns* you're risking getting a diease to sit by me Lida? *smirks*
Daishi: ::salutes:: Yes sir! ::runs to get in the line for food::
Lida: *rubs his arm up and down on aya* ne...how long have I known you? pulllease I know your clean *winks*
Yura-sama: ::takes a seat at a little bit of a distance from the other three and sighs::
Aya: *laughs and turns and hugs Lida*
seek: *looks down at his bento and munches on some onigiri*
Lida: gyah *gets hugged and shyly hugs his friend back* ne...have you given it much thought what you want to do for your birthday tonight?
Aya: hmmm no not really...*giggles* I'm not good at planning
Daishi: ::comes running back with instant ramen and 5 cupcakes:: Sorry there aren't any candles, I got hungry on the way! ::places a cupcake down in front of each person and sits next to Yura-sama, waiting for his ramen to cook::
Yura-sama: ::pokes at his cupcake::
Lida: *leans over and peers into seek's bento*
Daishi: It's not contaminated or anything! ::glare::
Aya: *stars in eyes* Thank yooou!!!! *stares happily at cupcake*
Yura-sama: Yeah, I know. ::licks some of the frosting off::
seek:*looks up* *offers Lida a coconut shrimp*
Lida: ah thanks *eagerly takes the shrimp with chopsticks and eats it*
Aya: *peels off the wrapper and sinks his teeth into the sugary goodness*
Daishi: I just bought them, but Yura-sama paid for them~ You should thank him.
Aya: thank you so much Yura sama *beams*
Lida: *looks up and tries not to laugh when he looks at Yura who is now wearing icing on his nose*
seek: *smiles and goes back to munching on the rest of an onigiri* *looks up to see what's funny to Lida* *chuckles slightly*
Aya: *smiles at Yura's icing nose*
Yura-sama: ::huffs and quickly wipes at his face, seeing seek and Lida looking and laughing:: And you're welcome, Aya. ::glares at the other two and then stares at his feet::
Lida: *coughs* hey look I'm sorry Yura-sama. truce? *extends hand out*
seek: *offers Yura a coconut shrimp from his bento*
Daishi: ::notices his ramen is done and begins eating it hungrily, ignoring his cupcake::
Yura-sama: Like I would let you touch my beautiful hand. ::self righteous grin:: And truce....I suppose.
Yura-sama: ::takes the shrimp and smiles a thank you at seek::
Aya: *opens his notebook and begins drawing chibi versions of his friends*
Daishi: Awww... but Yura-sama, you let me touch your hands! ::grabs Yura's hands:: x.x;;
Lida: *frowns and stands up*
seek: *grins a moment and laughs to himself* it burns, I say... *under his breath*
seek: *looks up to see what Lida's up to*
Lida: *picks his book bag up and wanders off towards the grounds and makes his way towards a tree*
Daishi: It's just ramen. ::pouts and drops Yura's hands::
Aya: *watches Lida leave* hmm...*ponders going to follow him*
seek: mou... *stands up and grabs his bento and backpack and scampers after Lida* ne... Lidakun... *almost half-tripping his way with his hands full of books and bento as he tried to catch up*
Daishi: Lida~ Don't you want your cupcake... Seek! Don't you want yours??
Aya: I...*watches Seek leave* I'll stay here *laughs a bit and looks at Yura* don't worry Yura sama you're still beautiful
Yura-sama: ::raises an eyebrow at the two leaving ones, but then turns attention to Aya:: Well thank you Aya-chan! ::grin::
Lida: *sits down in the shade and cracks open a notebook from his bag. starts jotting down some thoughts and looks up as he hears his name and seek almost falling head first into his bento*
Aya: look! *holds out the chibi drawing*
Lida: oi....seek-kun are you ok there? I'm sorry for just getting up like that
Daishi: Ah... is that us? It's so cute! ::shows Yura-sama:: See?? I AM cute!
seek: *trips over a tree branch and flies, bento and all, into the space in front of Lida* ah.... g-gomen... *gets up and picks up his things* ah... some of the bento's still safe... *looks up and offers some fo Lida*
Aya: *laughs* yes it's all of us
Yura-sama: Okay okay...you're cute....sometimes. Aya, you're a good artist. ::smile::
Daishi: And you can have the remaining three cupcakes Aya-chan! I guess I should've asked them if they wanted them before I bought them all... And you can have mine cause I'm on a diet!
Yura-sama: A diet?
Aya: *smiles* thanks. *raises a brow* a diet for what?
Daishi: ::glomps onto Yura-sama:: You DO think I'm cute! ::gringrin:: I'm fat! ::pokes his stomach::
Yura-sama: Fat? I knew you were stupid. ::pokes his head::
Lida: *laughs a little* ah arigatou, yes I am a still a little hungry. you didn't have to leave on my account though. *looks down into his notebook munching on a shrimp*
Aya: *shoves remaining cupcakes into mouth, one at a time, wrappers off of course*
Daishi: Stupid and fat maybe! ::tries to bite Yura's finger::
Aya: *icing all over mouth, licks his lips*
Daishi: Aya-chan~ You're just as messy an eater as I am ::laughs::
seek: ah... I felt a little out of place with all of them back there. I'm not used to so much social interaction at once... Plus, I enjoy your company better than the guy with the Hollywood smile there. *sits against the tree next to Lida*
Yura-sama: ::smiles:: You two are like little children.
Aya: *giggles*
Daishi: I'm not a child~ ::tosses the rest of his ramen into the trash::
Aya: *wipes at his mouth* thank you again, they were yummy!
Lida: *continues jotting down thoughts* hmm...arigatou. he just..grah that self-righteous attitude of his. as if I would defile him, look at these nail beds....there isn't a speck of dirt!
Yura-sama: ::pats Aya on the head:: You're welcome~
seek: ne... Lidakun... I wanted to ask you about some stuff I've heard about you from other people here...
Daishi: No problem! It's the least we could do on your birthday.
Lida: *he raises an eyebrow*
Aya: *sighs, tapping his pen* let's go do something..
Yura-sama: Like spy on seek and Lida?
Daishi: Or dancing? Sometimes me and Yura-sama dance when we're bored! It's fun!
Lida: stuff about.....me? *coughs nervously*
Aya: not what i had in mind but that is fun..*turns to Daishi* we can dance while we spy?
seek: all these people tell me your some sort of porn-watching perv... *laughs*
Daishi: Yes! We can dance inconspicuosly over there!
Lida: *closes his book and slides back into his backpack and chokes on the shrimp*
Yura-sama: I'm up for that! ::dances outside towards the tree all....inconspicuosly::
Daishi: ::Follows Yura-sama and dances to the tree::
Aya: *tries to dance out to tree*
seek: ah... is that just a rumor?
Yura-sama: ::grabs both of them and pulls them behind some bush that's close to the tree::
Lida:*face turns a slight shade of pink* not all together
Aya: *ducks behind the bushes*
seek: sou ka... *blushes and looks down at his bento*
Lida: *sigh* that is a bit embellished though
Daishi: ::grabs two twigs and covers his face::
Yura-sama: ::whisper:: what are they talking about?
Aya: *tries not to giggle*
seek: maji de? *looks up*
Yura-sama: and what does embellished mean?
Lida: True I do own some but I'm not a closet perv by any means *laughs a little*
Yura-sama: HAH LIDA'S A PERV! ::not so quiet whisper::
Aya: *blushes*
seek: ah, would that mean you're an open perv then? *laughs some*
Daishi: Just like Yura-sama, ne?
Lida: *he looks up over at the bushes* um....ah.....
Lida: seek we've never had talking bushes here on campus ne?
Aya: *pokes Yura*
Yura-sama: ::smacks Daishi over the head:: I'm not a perv! ::hiss::
Yura-sama: ::then turns calmly to Aya:: hmm?
Daishi: Owwww.... Yes you are!
Aya: *points out to them*
seek: *whispers to Lida* on the count of 3, let's run for it, okay?
Lida: *nods towards seek* *quietly counts* 1....2....3.......*grabs his bag and runs*
Aya: *blinks*
Yura-sama: hmmm....HEY! THEY'RE MAKING A RUN FOR IT! ::bursts out of the bushes::
seek: *grabs his things and runs after Lida*
Aya: they're running pervs! *laughs*
Yura-sama: Come on, we gotta get them! ::laughs at Aya::
seek: mou! Lidakun~ *running along side Lida* now they think I'm a perv... *sweatdrop*
Aya: *runs after them* ok
Daishi: ::whines:: Yura-samaaa~ I don't wanna ruuuun! ::walks after them angrily::
Lida: guilty by association it seems....gomen *sweat drop* damn...where should we go....
Yura-sama: ::has long legs on his side and is getting closer and closer to the two::
seek: let's sneak into a place they'll never look.... *turns the corner and pulls Lida into the library*
Aya: *gets a tummy ache*
Yura-sama: ::but isn't too fast at turning corners so suddenly and trips over feet and falls over himself in the grass:: Mmph.
Lida: kuso.....gyah! *gets yanked into the library nearly running into one of the shelves*
Aya: *holds tummy and stops running, dropping his books*
seek: *drags Lida into the boring history book section*
Yura-sama: ::fake sob::
Daishi: ::decides to sit down in the grass and wait for everyone to come back and get him::
Aya: Yura sama!! are you ok?
Lida: *leans back againest the shelf and catches his breath*
Yura-sama: ::crawls towards Aya:: Yeaaah....I'm okay....::he says after checking himself in the mirror and picking grass out of his hair::
Daishi: ::lays down in the grass for a little nap::
seek: *catching his breath too* ah, I've made a new friend and he gets me a new reputation all in one day... *laughs a little*
Aya: Yura sama...i have a stomach ache....*pouts*
Lida: *looks up and checks out their surroundings* ah heh heh, yeah sorry about that. *scratches head* I'll try and clear things up for you.
Yura-sama: Aw, poor Aya-chan. ::rubs Aya's tummy:: Maybe we should go lie down with Daishi then? It might make it feel better. ::smile::
seek: it's.... okay... really...
Aya: *nods sadly* let's crawl back to him *laughs a little*
Yura-sama: ::giggle:: O-kay. ::crawls, dragging his bookbag with one hand, and plops down in the grass next to Daishi::
Daishi: Mmph... ::opens one eye:: Won't you get bugs in your hair?
Lida: not that being known as a perv is anything bad....*laughs a little* was there anything else you wanted to know while were clearing the air....and I think were not being spied on *looks around the corner just to be sure*
Yura-sama: It's okay, you can eat them out.
Aya: *laughs and snuggles against Daishi's legs, holding his tummy*
Yura-sama: Or! ::plops his head on Daishi's chest:: There. no bugs.
seek: ah... no, nothing much else. Just wondered about that since you seemed like a really nice guy- too nice to be a porn-obssessed perv.
Daishi: No. I've already eaten today. I'm on a die--- Ah! Aya~ Are you feeling okay?
Aya: *shakes his head against Daishi's legs* tummy hurts that's all..
Daishi: You should come up here with me and Yura-sama then! More love for all! ::plays with Yura-sama's hair::
Lida: ah souka....well I do own some hentai but its rather mild and in good taste. I wouldn't neccessarily say I'm obssessed though and I hope that doesn't change your perception of me
Aya: *nods and moves up by the two*
Aya: *snuggles them*
Yura-sama: ::grins::
Aya: *yawns* they are missing all the fun
seek: *looks down a moment, then back up* no... no it doesn't. *smiles* Still, I think you're kakkoii~
Daishi: I feel like a brother! ::snuggles Aya and Yura back::
Yura-sama: A midget brother..
Daishi: Don't make me pull your hair...
Yura-sama: Aya-chan won't let you do that.
Yura-sama: Right?
Lida: *blinks* um....heh thanks....*looks down at his watch and flips out* oh man....I'm late for my next class!
Daishi: But he's all the way over on the other side of me! He can't save you now! ::tackles Yura-sama::
Aya: nope
seek: ah... gomen... it's my fault... what teacher is it? I'll explain to them...
Aya: *blinks and pokes Daishi's side*
Yura-sama: WAAAAAAAAH! ::crawls out from under Daishi and clings to Aya:: save me from the beast!
Daishi: Ah.... Yeah? ::stares at Aya innocently::
Aya: *laughs and puts up his fists looking all cute*
Daishi: Beast? ::glare::
Aya: Daishi you have grass stains!
Yura-sama: ::snort laugh::
Daishi: ::looks at his clothes:: Not again~ Oh well... I guess I should go change. ::glares at Yura-sama more::
Aya: *stands up, grabbing his books* aren't we late for class?
Lida: its Kyoto-sensei....she can be such a witch at times
Yura-sama: Oh...yeah...class....wait, I don't even remember what class I have next. ::laugh::
seek: sugoi... she loves me~ *laughs* I'll tell her what happened. I'm sure she'll let you slip past her today.
Daishi: I don't think I have class next... maybe I do. It's so hard to keep track...
Aya: err...me either *laughs*
Lida: if the god loved me it would be cancelled
Lida: at any rate lets get a move on. *he picked up his bags and sneaked around the corner through the back of the library*
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