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Updating This Here...

Aya dashed to the phone in the upstairs hall of his grandmother's house, they had all left for the day to the lake. He had been asked to go with them but made up an excuse that his stomach hurt. He gripped the phone, holding it to his chest. "Let's see...he's probably back at school" Aya thought, he ears glued to every sound the house would make, just incase his mother came home and caught him, no doubt she would think he was calling his father.
Aya dialed the phone, he heard the ringing of Lida's cellphone. He became nervous suddenly with the idea that Lida might have interuptted his leaving as avoiding him. He heard the ringing almost echoing in his ears. He sighed, about to hang up when he heard Lida's voice. A smile crept across his face. "Yo, Leave a message and maybe I'll call you back." A laugh. His chest felt heavy, what he wouldn't give to be back at school, he loved extended vacations just as much as anyone but he missed his friends and besides his grandmother was the ONLY grandmother that didn't have snacks in her house, and that was unacceptable for Aya. "Lida san? It's Aya. I'm sorry that I haven't been around or called.." He took a breath in before continuing. "...Things at home aren't good. My mom made me leave..I hope you don't think I hate you...I should be back soon. I have to make this quick, not suppose to be on. I'll be out shopping tomorrow at 4, call me then..and I got all your messages. Thanks for caring." He smiled. "I'll talk to you soon! Good bye Lida!" He hung up, feeling much better. "I'll call Seek too, my mother must of scared him by kicking him out the other day.." He picked up the phone.

He had to retrieve his actual cell for Seek's number, he dialed and hoped Seek would pick up to actual HEAR a voice other than his mother's crying voice, his grandmother's or uncle's. He sighed a little disappointed that he got the voicemail. He figured Seek was in class or some school related affair. "Seek! It's Aya. I'm sorry I haven't been around....." He heard the door, people's voices. "..shit.." He thought his chest heaving, he couldn't just hang up, he heard his mother calling for him. "..Seek I don't have time to talk, I'm sorry. Be with Lida at 4 tomorrow, he'll explain I'm sure. I hope to talk to you soon. Tell the others I miss them as well?...." He sounded sad, he realized this would probably make Seek more worried.

His uncle made his way up the stairs. "I FOUND HIM!" He screamed, as if Aya was a 3 year old playing hide and seek. "Yeah...I was just looking for where I put my colored pencils..they aren't in my bag..." He breathed in again. "Oh, well come downstairs we have cake!" "CAKE!!!!" Aya screamed, dashing downstairs after his uncle.

He shoved the sugary substance of "food" into his mouth. It was the first thing he'd eatten in awhile. He laughed and smiled, thinking of 4 o'clock tomorrow. His mother smiled watching him eat, while his grandmother told him he was eating like a pig and was going to choke...He didn't care, he was happy for the moment.

[I decided to make a post where Aya calls Lida and Seek because the space between our AIM rps are few and far between and I didn't want to leave things up in the air like that, besides perhaps this will get us motivated to start updating here *points Daishi and Yura* XD jk ok so that's that ^^]
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