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Alive at Last

Yura-sama adjusted the buckle on his three-inch heeled boots and tested the sturdiness of the airport chair, finally deciding that if it didn't hold his slim figure, God would punish the chair for him...because God wouldn't want a beautiful thing like him to fall and embarrass himself! Satisfied, he took out the sign he had worked on on the bus ride to the airport, bringing his index finger up to his lips thoughtfully. It looked pretty good for a fifteen minute job, he finally decided...though it lacked one thing. Quickly in eyeliner he scribbled '(Daishi)' below the other text in messy hiragana and shoved the pencil back into his purse.

Standing on the chair he could see every person who exited the airplane. Soon Daishi would be back from his parents house, and Yura-sama would yet again have someone to bother. He had come straight after school to pick him up...days were so much more boring without Daishi, after all.

Yura-sama flipped his golden hair and waved the sign above his head, laughing. Daishi would just love him so much for picking him up!

Daishi didn't much like flying, especially the short distance from his house to the school but his parents had insisted and he couldn't resist them. It was so much more relaxing there than he'd remembered. His parents were nicer, there were no reports to do, no stupid teachers to listen to, and he had his own room. He'd often felt that Lida was uncomfortable rooming with him, and he tried to avoid the room as much as possible.

The plane landed almost as soon as it had left the ground and Daishi was washed away with the movement of people getting there things from the compartments over head, and was soon pushed out into the busy airport. And nearly diead. For there was Yura-sama, fussing with his hair and holding a sign in one arm.

"Mo...momusu... freak.... Daishi...." he read shakily, realizing too late what was about to occur.

Yura-sama was spying the heads of the people exiting the plane like a hawk. At one point someone may have told him to get down from the seat, but crunching peoples fingers beneath his short black boots seemed to shut them up for a few minutes at least.

He soon spotted the golden hair of his friend and cleared his throat. Surely no one would mind his screaming because everyone would just love his beautiful voice! Yura-sama sang a single note before bursting into something between a scream and a song, yelling for Daishi to come see him and how much more beautiful-er than Daishi he was and how he missed him...and eventually there was para para to match, and people were staring, and Yura-sama was grinning and....it was beautiful. Everyone, staring at him! He couldn't have imagined this kind of great reaction!

God and the screeching. He could tolerate the sign. And maybe just calling out 'Daishi, over here!' instead of the song. But there was dance involved too. People were staring, and had figured out that he was indeed the one being called to by the sudden nervousness he'd broken out into. He knew walking away would just make Yura-sama chase after him and create an even bigger scene, so he slowly approached his flailing friend, toting his carry on bag behind him, and forced Yura-sama's arms to stop their para para-ing.

Painfully aware that most people had stopped what they were doing to stare at his spectacle of a friend, Daishi forced a big smile and hoisted his bag onto the bench near Yura-sama's feet. "I was wondering if you were actually going to show up, Yura-kun."

Yura-sama stopped his dancing and clasped his arms around Daishi's shoulder. Just seeing the boy set him in a happy and content mood. He was even going to bother using his perfectly soft hands to carry Daishi's bag until he heard that vulgar thing come out of Daishi's mouth. No one EVER got away with calling him anything besides 'sama'. It just wasn't done otherwise! Except for teachers, who Yura-sama forgave most of the time on account of their idiocy (or so he believed).

With such an insult from his best friend he flew a hand to his mouth, gaping at him. The sign went through Daishi's head and snapped in two on the ground on either side of him as Yura-sama cracked it on his head. Crossing his arms, he jutted out his lower lip. The sign had been made of foam paper, so it didn't hurt--but what hurt was Yura-sama's pride. "Daishi, you'll apologize right now! I went to all this trouble to get you and make you feel welcomed home and THIS is what I get?!"

Daishi flinched as the board struck his head and fell in two pieces down the sides of his head. He knew Yura-sama would get upset, but he didn't expect him to do that. "I didn't expect you to put on a show for me. Everyone's watching. It's embarrasing. I don't like being put in the spotlight 24/7 like you."

Scratching his head idly, Daishi stared down at Yura-sama's boots. "I suppose that isn't a very good reason... Yura-sama. Let's go get my stuff." Daishi extended his arm out in front of Yura-sama, attempting to help his insanely tall friend down from his perch.

Yura-sama blinked. And stared. He hadn't -really- expected Daishi to act that well towards his speech that sent the surrounding crowds silent. Smiling nonetheless, Yura-sama took Daishi's hand and stepped down daintily, petting his friend's hair. "Sorry for breaking your cute little Momusu sign on your head....now your hair will never even get close to being pretty like mine...." He wrapped an arm around Daishi's shoulder and started strolling down towards the baggage claim with his short little Daishi.

"It's good to have you home, you know."

In case anyone's gotten confused, I've changed my aim. Sorry for any problems this may have caused. >__<;; Also, I've changed my lj username. So... Yay! I'll try to update more now. ::love::
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OMG! Daishi is alive! Good to see your back, we've been trying to keep this rp alive. Nice job breaking back into the jist of things there.
And you're not happy Yura-sama is back? ;-; ::the saddened::
NANI...eh I never knew you came back too! *supa glomps the great Yura-sama* It's great to see you've returned as well. Now don't disappear this time. ^_~
Just wanted to let you know that I read your RPG and like it...as a fellow PLC RPG person lol